Japanese Acers

Japanese Acers or maples bring a tranquil peacefulness to any outdoor space and have intense autumn colours later in the year. The ornamental shaped foliage comes on trees which are either upright, weeping or dwarf. We currently have plenty in stock.

A sheltered spot with good drainage and some dappled light is best for Japanese maples.  Some varieties can cope with more sun than others. Dwarf acers grow well in containers.

Acer ‘Sango Kaku’ (pictured above) is one of our favourites! A striking small tree with bright orangey red stems in the winter, green spring foliage in the spring and yellow autumn colour – there is something for all seasons. The common name is the coral bark maple and its name means “Sango” coral “Kugu” fountain. It can grow up to 6 metres in 20 years and has an award of garden merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.

Also in stock is ‘Acer Bloodgood’ (pictured above). Very popular with our customers as it keeps its dark crimson red foliage from spring to autumn.

Acer ‘Inaba shidare’  is a small weeping acer perfect for a zen style Japanese garden or rockery with its lovely delicate dissect purple foliage. Bright red autumn leaves.

Chillies 2018

Nothing can beat growing your own chillies and using them in your cooking. We have a wide range of Chilli plants which you can grow on in 2018. They range from the relatively mild chillies to some really hot and flavoursome varieties. As a general rule, the smaller the chilli, the hotter it will be and those picked in summer are more fiery than autumn ones. Are you tempted? Then take a look.

Chillies 2018. Most available early June.

Super chilli
Gusto Purple
Trinidad Scorpion
Pot black
Demon Red
Pimenta Puma
Mirch Masala
Tokyo Hot
Hungarian Hot Wax
Habanero Chocolate
Basket of Fire
Habanero Paper Lantern
Joes Long Cayenne
Nepal Snakebite
Thai Dragon
Carolina Reaper
Kraken Scorpion
Trinidad 7 Pot Katie
Trinidad Apocalypse Scorpion
Aji Omnicolor
Orange Thai
Habanero Red Savina
Machu Pichu
Trinidad Genghis Khan Brain
Black Hungarian