!! Crazy hot chilli pepper plants !!

Multi-coloured edible and ornamental fruits. Large variety, grow a different one each year!

Great fun to grow!

From making a mild salsa to a killer hot sauce or curry there's a chilli for everything!

Chilli pepper plants

Pot on new plants into 4-5 litre pots and grow on in greenhouse, polytunnel or on a windowsill. Chillies can be kept outside if given a sheltered sunny spot but do bring them in if weather turns bad! Once flowering, feed weekly with high potash plant food such as Tomato feed. And don't forget to harvest ripe fruits regularly to promote more chillies to grow. Stake tall plants if necessary. Pictured below are a few we normally grow each year.

Click on the link for a full list or chilli pepper plants we are growing this year.

Tokyo Hot

Capsicum annuum 'Tokyo Hot'

Medium Hot! Long slender cayenne fruits which are tasty either green or red.
Strong tall plants.

Super Chilli

Medium heat

Super high yielding little chilli plant
Compact, good for pot culture.

Numex Twilight

Top selling chilli plant with multi coloured hot fruits.
Very ornamental and still packs a punch!

Hot Paper Lantern

Capsicum chinese 'Hot Paper Lantern'

Killer Hot! We call this the 'Devils teardrops'! Massive hanging wrinkled pointed fruits.
Plants mature earlier than most habaneros. Great flavour!

Gusto Purple

Medium Heat!

Hanging, pointed fruits ripen from purple to dark red. Medium heat with great flavour!
Heavy cropping on tall plants.

Chocolate Habanero

!! Very Hot !!

World Famous hot chilli plant with distinctive Caribbean flavour. Wrinkled chocolate coloured fruits.

Caribbean Red Hot

Basket of Fire

! HOT !

Fiery hot compact plants with flaming upright pointed fruits.
Multi-coloured. One of our favourites!


Cannot recommend Dan and Co highly enough. The best kept secret between Chichester and Worthing. Have been coming here now for three years, for all my planting/basket requirements. Superb value for what are all extremely healthy plants and shrubs. Can't stop coming back for more and need a bigger garden!

Roger Horlock

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